Company Profile

The Ingenieurbüro Helmut Preissler is specialized in CONSULTING and SALES of MEDICAL EQUIPMENT. 

C o n t i n u i t y   F l e x i b i l i t y   K n o w h o w

in the medical technical field are the characteristics which agree with the PREISSLER company's philosophy. 

Since 1969 the name of Mr. Helmut Preissler, Dipl.Ing.(FH) has been identified with ULTRASOUND DOPPLER in MEDICINE. Mr. Preissler regarded it as a challenge to introduce this non-invasive method for medical diagnostics in the German market. Mr. Preissler was one of the first pioneers who got doctors acquainted with medical diagnostic systems. He started in 

  • 1970 - the latest development of an echo-cardiographic system, 

  • 1971 - the quantitative EEG-spectral-analysis 

  • 1973 - the ultrasound-doppler-sonography and 

  • 1976 - the duplex-sonography. 

Helmut Preissler 

  • is well known in the German market and has gained longlasting references from physicians and hospitals as a result of solid work over the years. 

  • organizes and supports educational seminars for physicians on Ultrasound doppler, makes medical equipment available for workshops and participates herewith continuosly since the early 80th. 


    • ULTRASOUND DOPPLER for the vascular laboratory,the intensive care unit and the surgery-room 

  • NEUROLOGICAL MONITORING of patients in the surgery-room and the ICU. 

  • Interactive CARDIOLOGICAL TRAINING-PROGRAMS and Simulation Systems for Teaching and Education. 

  • MULTIFUNCTIONAL TABLES for all cardiological diagnostic medical examinations. 

  • has built up business relations in Asian countries and intends to enlarge these connections within the following years.

The PREISSLER TEAM is engaged in Sales,Technical Support/Customer Service, Consulting and Administration and will do furthermore its best to come up to the customer's expectations in the future. 


In order to supplement the Company's Profile we want to draw your attention to 

Mr. Helmut Preissler, Dipl.Ing.(FH), 

who built up relations and connections in order to get in touch with the latest scientific progress which has an effect on the medical technical field. Besides this he wanted to make use of his knowledge, which has grown in many years of practical experience. Therefore he tried to make it available for others, e.g. students: 

Since 1988 he has an invitation to lecture on the subject of medical technique at the FACHHOCHSCHULE München, Dept. of Hospital Supply. 

Since 1986 he is an active foundation member of the INSTITUT FÜR BIOTECHNIK, which is engaged in scientific development in the field of Biofluid-Mechanics. 

For many years he is keeping membership with 

  • DEGUM-German Society of Ultrasound in Medicine 

  • ADNANI-Meeting of German speaking Neuro-Anaesthesiologists and Neuro-Intensive-Physicians 

  • DGBT-German Society of Biomedical Technics. 

  • AIUM-American Institute of Ultrasound in Medicine 

  • ICDS-International Cardiac Doppler Society