Customer Service

Training and Instruction

The training of customers for the optimal use of the systems and the instruction to handle the systems has an important meaning to us. We consider it very essential and put much attention to the fact that we do not only deliver medical equipment, but also take every effort to provide the appropriate thorough instruction to use the system most effectively. Training and methodical education is a key issue in our policy.


We consider it as an essential point to support our customers with all adequate technical back up in order to ensure continuous and not interrupted use of the systems.
Our thoroughly trained service technicians are in a position to help our customers with hardware support and through a special fax modem connection we provide direct communication with the development engineers of our manufacturing partners.
In addition we provide demonstration systems to bridge the gap in the very rare case when direct servicing is not feasible.


In order to provide a qualified training for the physicians, medical engineers and technicians we organize applicational and technical workshops and seminars in order to utilize our systems most effectively.
For more than a decade we organize such educational seminars. They are very well known in the entire country and most of the participants consider these seminars to be the best of the country.